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This year (2019) I had the honor and privilege of founding a new artistic endeavor; The Brew Bop Music Crew. Vocalist/Arts Administrator Molly Morgan, Vocalist/Entrepreneur Elle Patterson, and myself were the think tank for this new endeavor; with the goal of creating interest in the support of Local business, Community outreach, and most pertinently the uplifting of local artists whose work is the lifeblood of culture.

This year on Saturday, August 31st the Crew Bop team put on to much success the first annual Brew-bop Music Festival. Hosted by Gary and Mandy Schoenberg at the STL music staple Webster Garden Cafe. The Schoenberg's should be lauded and praised for their amazing support of the Crew Bop Team and our endeavors. They truly took a chance on us allowing us to hold our Festival at their establishment and I for one, am forever grateful.

The planning for the event was spearheaded and executed in a close knit partnership between our Crew Bop Team and the Schoenbergs over the span of just three months however, I could not be happier with the outcome. Nights spent fussing over detail after detail and balancing a shoe-string budget all were more than worth it. The festival was spread across three stages, with 12 locally based musicians gracing the stages across 6 hours.

In selecting the music Molly, Elle and I were adamant in our want to have a diverse array of music that could be enjoyed by all while still being individualistic. We are so thankful to all the amazing musician who came out and played. All of the participants were unbelievably professional and gracious but most of all, incredibly talented!

Brew Bops Musical Artist Lineup

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the Brew Bop volunteers whose tireless work helped to make the day of the festival go smoothly!

We embarked on this journey to be a bastion for the local musician in a over-saturated market where securing a gig and playing for new audiences is a hard thing to accomplish. In my lifelong goal and pursuit of creating things that truly touch many lives through art and music I'm very happy with the trajectory of Brew Bop Music Crew.

We are still brainstorming ideas for exactly what we want this company to be but, we are sure that it will be a home for the enrichment of the arts and local artist! We intend to grow the organization into a official company that can create more opportunities for fellow working-artists.

Bare witness to the beginning of an empire!!!!


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