Born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri, multi-medium artist: Eldraco employs music, dance, and artistic visuals to create dynamic and lively performance experiences. He has had the honor of headlining St. Charles Pride Festival 2018 and 2019 and being a So Far Sounds featured performer. Performing at various renown music venues such as: Chuck Berry's  Blueberry Hill and Jazz at the Bistro, Eldraco backed by his music ensemble FreeNation delivers powerful music.       


         As a composer and songwriter, Eldraco tackles subjects of societal ills and the human condition. His debut EP "FreeLove" is up and coming for a 2020 release. A project investigating modern political climates and his personal experiences. His music is a mixture of Pop and Rock elements with a funk/soul framework that combine to form a feel-good dance-centric aura. A lover of both electronic and live instrumentation Eldraco blends synthesized sounds with funk centric horns and bass. With a unique voice spanning 4 octaves his music is bombastic in its presence! 


         A graduate with Honors from the Webster University Music Conservatory, he is a trained performer and composer of music. He has been classically trained in voice in the studios of prominent STL educator Diane Davenport. Trained via University in contemporary vocal techniques under the instruction of Debby Lennon and with one year of practice in the Speech/Pedagogy studio of Joanna Battles; Eldraco is a professionally primed vocalist.


         His artistic mission is to encourage and always take a hand in collaborations with other artists. His attitude to that end: is that the most impactful art is that of the collaborator. Combining artistic ideas and passions garner truth and beauty that help bring joy to his audience. When he hits the stage Eldraco and his FreeNation Ensemble create a high energy stage show that must be seen!

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