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         Born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri, award winning singer-songwriter artist, Eldraco employs music, dance, and artistic visuals to create dynamic and lively performance experiences. A Recent finalist in the Unsigned Only Song Contest and winner of the John Lennon Song Contest Stuck At Home Series (2020)  Eldraco has headlined St. Charles Pride Festival 2018-2021 and has been a featured favorite artist for NPR Tiny desk contest 2021-2023). 


  Graduating with Honors from the Webster University Music Conservatory, Eldraco is trained in several music disciplines. He has been classically trained in the voice studios of prominent STL educators Diane Davenport and Debby Lennon. Studied under award winning composer and arranger Kim Portnoy and songwriter Melissa Bishop. In addition to this he work has collaborated with award winning music producer and songwriter Daniel Mehrmann (Jettson Bloom)


         As a composer and songwriter, Eldraco tackles subjects of societal ills and the human condition with a direct and eloquent voice; investigating modern subjects through the lens of his personal experience.Taking influence from Nina Simone, Prince, Adele Adkins, Diane Warren, Freddie Mercury, David Foster, Stevie Wonder, Rufus Wainwright, Maurice White, Quincy Jones among others Eldraco fuses genres to create music that defies category. He decidedly mixes elements of Funk, Rock, and Jazz with a Pop framework that combine to form a feel-good bombastic aura. Loving both electronic and live instrumentation Eldraco blends lush sounds with poignant lyricism and his unique 4 octaves voice making his music singular in its presence! 


        Favoring songs written is the Pop style Eldraco flourishes in the varied musical landscape the genre allows. Soaring melodies and artful lyric carried by sophisticated harmonies and strong rhythm permeate his voice as writer. To date writing over 60 songs he utilizes various musical influences to create unique yet familiar songs that work to move the listener with a bold drama.


         For 7 years Eldraco has worked towards his artistic mission is to create music and art that inspires and moves! His attitude to that end: is that the most impactful art is that of the collaborator. Combining the artistic ideas and passions of fellow creatives garners truth and beauty that help bring joy to the masses. 

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